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The purpose of these MEMES is to help you think about the state of your current consumption, if you have stopped we congratulate you on this achievement which is not at all easy but still very rewarding, we hope this collection will give you more reasons to have stopped and encourage you to continue on this beautiful path.

For those of you who find it hard to quit, we hope that these MEMES will give you the motivation and courage to quit in a funny way:

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MEME Yoda red eyes thinking after buying a larger amounts of weed to save money
Instagram Meme : When you buy larger amounts of weed to save money, But you end up smoking even more

Meme SNOOP DOG smoking red eyes Stoners as soon as they wake up
Instagram Meme : Stoners as soon as they wake up

MEME HIGH when loading screen
Instagram Memes: When you have been sitting at the loading screen for a long time.

MEME High sad person
Instagram Memes : When you are sad so you smoke but now you are just high and sad !

MEME YODA Smell weed in the street
Instagram Memes : When you randomly smell weed in public

MEME SQUADGAME me after and before smoking
Instagram Post : SquidGame, Me befot and after smoking weed MEME

On a funny note, it’s incredible how weed affects our ability to socialise and be active in real life.. do you feel the same when you try quitting for some time … ?? Share your experiences.

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