Police investigators who were originally investigating a hoover deal discovered more than 91 kilos of cannabis resin, weapons, Pokémon cards and many other goods in an impressive deal.

An incredible seizure was made by police in Aulnay-sous-Bois, Seine-Saint-Denis – North of Paris. A total estimated at more than one million euros of booty.
According to the famous French newspaper “le Figaro”: investigators were alerted on Friday 10 December to a potential trafficking of hoovers, so they placed under surveillance two suspicious individuals.

One of the two men was being followed by the investigators when he was handed a large suitcase in Sevran. Inside: 1.5 kilos of cannabis. The two individuals were immediately arrested and their respective homes searched.

A booty of more than one million euros found
During their searches, the police came across a large-scale trafficking operation that began with a simple investigation into hoovers. The investigators found 91 kilos of cannabis resin, worth almost 730,000 euros, 1.6 kilos of cocaine worth 110,000 euros, as well as 56,000 euros in cash, eight electric scooters, 59 hoovers, and valuable Pokémon cards.

In total, four individuals aged between 30 and 45 were arrested and placed in custody at the Aulnay-sous-Bois police station. All of them are already known to the police.

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