The ticket offices of the German federal capital public transport sells special Cannabis-flavored edible tickets as part of its marketing campaign launched this week. the public transport company has announced “the sale of a limited edition of edible tickets, flavored with a few drops… of hemp oil.”

By means of this campaign, The Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) invites its users to “fight the stress of Christmas” , and assures that the operation is not a stance in the debate raging in Germany on the free sale of cannabis (a controversial measure announced by the new majority in power).

Through a video realized by the company in charge of Berlin’s buses, subways and streetcars , they explain that:

“In a vibrant metropolis like Berlin, it can sometimes be very, very stressful. Especially at Christmas.Fortunately, we’ve found a good way to combat this, some really good stuff…” .  

First Picture : Edible subway tickets, flavored with hemp oil, are on sale in Berlin’s public transport system until Friday. Tobias SCHWARZ / AFP

The company sold these cellophane-wrapped day tickets for €8.80 (1.80€ more expensive than the usual €7) and are valid for 24 hours. The tickets are edible, since they are entirely made of edible paper, and thus covered with a thin layer of hemp oil. The promoters of the initiative ensure that the used hemp oil is totally a legal substance, “without health risk”, and which does not contain psychoactive products such as THC or CBD.

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