Buying one pack of Marlboro – the best-selling cigarette brand in the world for more than 5 decades – doesn’t cost the same price from country to another.

The price gap between countries for a single pack of 20 cigarettes can even exceed the 25$ between Australia and Nigeria, in Australia where cigarettes are the pricier with 38AUD in 2019 ( 22,37€ , 26,20$) a pack, and in Nigeria where cigarettes are the less expensive in the world with 300Niara ( 0,67€, 0,79$) for one pack of cigarettes.

The price of living is not the only reason for this gap, other factors intervene, one of the most crucial of them is the strength of the tobacco control programs of the country or the state.

Where cigarettes are the most expensive ?

Not far from Australia, the second place go to New Zealand with 23,72$ a pack (NZ$35.90 , 20,20€ ), then Ireland with 16,17$ a pack (13.80€*), the United Kingdom with 15,71$ (12,00£, 13,28€, ) and for the fifth most expensive country in the ranking, Norway with 11.50€ (13,60$).

[Top 10] world most expensive cigarettes price :

countryPrice US$Price EUR€
New Zealand23.7220.20
United Kingdom15,7119.99
Novembre 2020
Top 10 : World most expensive countries to buy a one pack of cigarettes

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